Safety & PPE - including footwear and clothing


Personal Protection Equipment

Keep you and your staff safe with a comprehensive array of Personal Protection Equipment, everything you need – from a single source.


Safety Equipment

It’s not just a product range, but a way of life. Make sure you and your team get home safely each day. Don’t cut corners, do the right thing – everybody should get home safely.

Safety Glasses

Imagine what life would be like if you didn’t take adequate responsibility for safety and in particular eyesight safety. Use the right gear, get the right gear and have plenty of stock, just in case.


High Vis Shirts

Protect yourself with the highest quality shirts and also add a legible logo for names and company ID – everybody can stand out – your company too.


Hard wearing, anti cut, heavy duty

Protect yourself from unnecessary risks and problems by using the right protection for your hands and fingers. Workshop / medical / welding? – Treja has you covered.


Long pants, shorts

Not just practical, look good with Treja’s extensive range of fabrics / styles and colours.

Hearing Safety Equipment

Ear plugs, ear defenders

Why take the risk? – It’s not worth it. Make the investment for today and the future – no need to suffer interminable and dangerous noise environments. Failure to look after your hearing will cause unnecessary suffering for you and your family for the rest of your life.

Safety Hats

Hard Hats

The head contains a lot of useful equipment – so look after it and don’t be complacent – wear a hard hat !


Safety boots, boots

It would be the end of your sporting career and imagine not being able to run after your kids ! – Don’t compromise – wear steel toe cap boots or shoes..

Corporate Clothing

Embroidered shirts, pants, uniforms

Stand out from the crowd with Treja’s great range and premium embroidery and screen printing. Sponsoring a worthy cause? – Use good looking gear.

Covid Supplies

Sanitizers, cleaners, disinfectants, bacterial wipes

Don’t be complacent, the virus is here to stay – so keep on top of your hygiene and stocks of relevant consumables.

Face Masks

3M, all types, disposable, reusable, surgical

Stop the spread of any virus, not just Covid. Masks are a proven tool in the fight to stop the spread of all viruses and disease.

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Want to know more? Let's talk.

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